009 - Bow Cleaning & Maintenance

009 - Bow Cleaning & Maintenance

In this episode, I sit down with my friend Richy Sanderson of BCC Archery Pro Shop and talk bow maintenance. We had spent the weekend out at a 3D Shoot by Full Draw Bowhunters. The shoot took place at Mormon Lake just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona.

During our time out there it rained back and forth from a steady sprinkle to a temporary downpour. I absolutely loved shooting in the rain and if given the chance I would recommend that everyone should experience it at least once. The more prepared you are in practice the more prepared you’ll be on a hunt, should something like this occur.

We touch briefly on the new 2018 PSE Evolve 28 and how amazing this bow is. I hope you’re able to walk away with some great knowledge about bow maintenance from this episode. If you need any of the items that richy talked about feel free to visit his shop or call him at 623-696-6310.

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