013 - Tips, perceptions & a few reviews

Welcome to another episode of the BowhuntingAZ podcast! In this episode I throw out a few tips about hunting, training, staying motivated in the off season and keeping the wife happy! Stemmed from a few self-perceptions that I think others may benefit from and I also throw in a few helpful reviews of items that I’ve been using and have to rave about!

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011 - Wayne Carlton, Christian Hunters of America Elk Seminar

This episode is a recording of the Wayne Carlton Elk Seminar hosted by Christian Hunters of America. Wayne Carlton is infamous for his elk hunting adventures. Even touting his own line of elk calls & tubes. His wisdom is endless, and his humor is bar none!

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010 - Mike Ornoski, Christian Hunters of America

In this episode I talk with Mike Ornoski from Christian Hunters of America. Formerly known as “Desert Christian Archers” started in 2001, Christian Hunters of America sought to create community and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through seminars, mentored hunts and community service.

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008 - Shooting 3D, Archery Prep & PSE's 2018 Evolve 28

In this episode I talk with Richy Sanderson, owner of BCC Archery Pro Shop. Richy and I are at the Full Draw Bowhunter Mormon Lake 3D Archery shoot. While on location we discuss how attending a 3D shoot can benefit you when it comes time to hunt.

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007 - Nate Harrel, Open Country Optics: "Bringing The Game Closer"

In this episode, I talk with Nate Harrel, Co-owner of Open Country Optics. Nate and his company are revolutionizing the way the optics industry brings its product to the consumer market.

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006 - SIXSITE: Performance hunting gear by Navy Seal, Stephen Holley

In this episode my guests Adam Long & Don McIntyre cover their experience with the hunting gear SIXSITE.
Created and designed by Navy Seal Stephen Holley.

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005 - Healing Warriors with Adam Long

In this episode I talk with Adam Long. Adam heads the “Healing Warriors” program out at Wind River Ranch in Estes Park, Colorado.

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003 - WHY Do You Hunt? My New Co-Host & MORE COFFEE!

In episode 3 of The BowhuntingAZ Podcast my co-host Mitch and I talk about WHY we hunt. How i need MORE COFFEE and read some followers reasons as to why they hunt.

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