008 - Shooting 3D, Archery Prep & PSE's 2018 Evolve 28

008 - Shooting 3D, Archery Prep & PSE's 2018 Evolve 28


In this episode, I talk with Richy Sanderson, owner of BCC Archery Pro Shop. Richy and I are at the Full Draw Bowhunter Mormon Lake 3D Archery shoot. While on location we discuss how attending a 3D shoot can benefit you when it comes time to hunt. We also cover what items you’ll need for a 3D shoot and what you should to do prep for one. Richy and I do a brief highlight as well of the new PSE Evolve 28!

Checking your bow BEFORE you head out on your hunt or 3D Shoot!

Bow oiled properly?
AAE Lube Tube
Sights steady and tight?
String in good condition & waxed?

In our next episode Richy and I will cover how to maintain your bow after a shoot and more specifically after its been in the rain. Best of luck to all of you out there who were drawn! I look forward to hearing everyone’s stories this season!


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