011 - Wayne Carlton, Christian Hunters of America Elk Seminar

011 - Wayne Carlton, Christian Hunters of America Elk Seminar

This episode is a recording of the Wayne Carlton Elk Seminar hosted by Christian Hunters of America.


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Wayne Carlton is infamous for his elk hunting adventures. Even touting his own line of elk calls & tubes. His wisdom is endless, and his humor is bar none!

Absolutely a wealth of knowledge to absorb and apply on our next hunt. I’m always appreciative of those are willing to give their finite time to teach and share their knowledge. Also lets all give a huge shout out and thank you to Christian Hunters of America for all their volunteering and holding this event. A huge thanks and shout out to Calvary Phoenix for allowing the event to be held there. Thank you to everyone who came out!

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Don’t forget about the upcoming Clint wells shoot August 10th – 12th, BowhuntingAZ will be attending!


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