003 - WHY Do You Hunt? My New Co-Host & MORE COFFEE!

In episode 3 of The BowhuntingAZ Podcast my co-host Mitch and I talk about WHY we hunt. How i need MORE COFFEE and read some followers reasons as to why they hunt.

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It is often said, "it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle."
This is my obsession, my lifestyle.
This, is my story...
How I got into Archery, Hunting & Conservation.

Welcome to episode 3 of The BowhuntingAZ Podcast!
In this episode we cover WHY we hunt.
I introduce you to my new co-host Mitch!


Mitch starts off the segment of “WHY we hunt” with how his combat experience has continuously left a hole that feels the need to be filled. Having established a family his son begged him not to leave. Mitch turns to hunting and I take him on his first hunting trip and connect him to a therapeutic hobby that helps him cope with potential PTSD.

I cover my segment of “WHY we hunt” with how my papa(grandfather) has developed Alzheimer’s and lung cancer. During our phone conversations he has requested to have some elk meat since that was the one animal he was never able to harvest during his hunting career. I explain my sense of responsibility to race against time and deliver him his wish.

A couple of our social media followers give their reason as to why they hunt.

Mitch and I talk dream hunts.

I do a brief stint about my photography in Colorado.



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