001 - BCC Archery Pro Shop, Richard Sanderson, PSE, Hunting Ethics & More!

Hey everyone! Thank you for listening to the BowhuntingAZ podcast! I’m so excited to begin my very first episode of the show with an interview at where it all started. BCC Archery Pro Shop is the genesis of my personal archery journey. Owner and operator Richard or Richy Sanderson is a dear friend of mine and has my utmost respect. I’ve never known a more selfless person who dedicates and invests so much personal time into others success. Today we talk about the genesis of BCC Archery Pro Shop. How Richy was introduced into archery and hunting. Hunting ethics. A light foray into gear and breakdown of PSE and what his shop has to offer. Thank you for your time and support and I can't wait to see what’s in store for BowhuntingAZ.

It is often said, "it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle."

This is my obsession, my lifestyle.

This, is my story...

How I got into Archery, Hunting & Conservation.


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