Signs of Pursuit & Harvest

“Signs of Pursuit & Harvest”

An Arizona Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

I went back today to revisit where I shot my buck on Saturday(November 3rd, 2018). I was in such a state of excitement and haste that night that I didn’t really take the time to give thanks and honor the animal, and I felt bad about that. I don’t ever want to be someone who takes hunting or the harvest for granted. So I went back today and took a moment to pray and run over the events from that evening. I retraced my steps and read the signs of how it all played out. 550+ yards stalked down to 60 yards. Bouncing from tree to tree with the wind in my face. Footsteps in the dirt, blood trail and final resting place all presented the full story of my pursuit and harvest. One heck of a way to spend the last few days leading up to my 30th birthday.

Stephen MillerComment